It all began a few years ago when we finally decided we were tired of forgetting those special events in our friends and family’s lives. 

In the whirling chaos of everyday life, even the best intentions get lost and suddenly, before we knew it, we would find that a loved one’s birthday or anniversary was YESTERDAY!

And how many times had we put off getting flowers for Mother’s Day, only to realize that we had left it to the last minute again. Rushing to the store in hopes that the last overpriced bouquet was still available.

Well, the second or third, (or maybe it was the fourth time) we vowed NEVER to let it happen again!

That was the day we dreamed up Perfect Gift Club.

And that was the day we finally put the frustration of forgotten gifts behind us. Never again to miss the opportunity to shower our loved ones with the joy and happiness we wish for ALL their special days.