Setup Recipients

Provide the names, information, and holidays or events for those you want us to send gifts to.

  • Customize the future of gift giving for each of your recipients with our easy to use system
  • Create unlimited recipients with unlimited holiday or event reminders
  • Take a few moments to get started and enjoy a lifetime of simplified, stress free gifting

Get Notified

We will send you an email with our top recommended gift ideas 30 days before the holiday or event.

  • Your stressful days of last minute shopping and forgetting birthdays or holidays are over
  • We will remind you via email when it's time to pick out a gift for your recipients

Select Gift

Choose the gift you want sent and easily complete the purchase.

  • Choose a recommended gift directly from your email reminder or shop our entire collection of perfect gifts
  • Our gift giving experts work tirelessly to find and organize the perfect gifts so you don't have too
  • Premium gift wrapping packages are available for the ultimate gift experience

We Ship For You

We will package and ship your gift directly to the recipient and ensure it arrives on time!

  • Our gift giving system is custom designed to take the last minute stress out of shipping gifts
  • We ship gifts discretely, with special attention to ensure the gift looks like it came from you directly
  • Alternatively, we can ship the gift to you and you can hand deliver it in person to your recipient

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